China Yangzi Group Chinese Yangzi Group Co. Ltd. was established in the beginning of reform and opening up in 1980, is one of the cross regional, cross trade and cross ownership of large state-owned enterprise groups of the earliest, is one of the fifteen key enterprises supported by the peoples Government of Anhui province. Scope of business involving automobiles, household appliances, building materials, equipment, mold, dozens of industries. Since the formation of the Yangtze China group, has gone through thirty years of glorious history, in the process of development, pay close attention to the leadership at all levels and all sectors of society and support, many party and state leaders went to inspect and guide the Yangtze, the group has won the national labor award, National excellent enterprise (horse), Chinese household electrical appliances business award meritorious service. Yangzi has always been adhering to the everything to change, only to create a good product of the same faith, the concept of the brand, won the community and national leaders of the broad honor and recognition. Thirty years, in the long river of history is only a short moment. However, for the Yangtze



Brand advantage

Yangzi motor brand image has been widely praised in the industry. The company has always been to ensure that the brand image, and always adhere to the principle of sincerity.


Product advantage

Headquarters has a strong creative resources, to develop design ideas, so that the product style is more innovative and unique, to attract the attention of consumers, thereby increasing the turnover of the franchise.

Technical advantage

Anhui Yangtze Guangyao Technology Co., Ltd. professional and technical personnel to provide you with technical guidance, inexperienced franchisee can also be easy to operate by guidance.


Training advantage

Join the shop zero foundation does not matter, to join the Yangtze River in Anhui Guangyao Technology Co., Ltd., headquarters to give a full range of training for your shop ready.

Service advantage

Operation tool support, regional support, professional training center, technology research and development support, logistics support, operational support, expert support, expert site decoration guide support, core technology support, marketing support and other support to help you easily build, do you join the way the most solid backing.

Investment advantage

Strict regional exclusive management system, to set up a careful shopping district for each store, to avoid undesirable competition among investors, maintain normal business order, to ensure the interests of investors.

Would Like To Meet You

Cellar building material adhering to the concept of creating value for the customer cooperation, all like-minded people. Six advantages of pit building materials and support, let us win-win, together!



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    2017年 2 月 20 日,集团公司召开坚决打赢 2017 年度创收攻坚战全体员工会议。会议由公司党委书记、总经理阚乃天主持。朱培代副总经理宣读公司 2017 年 6 号文件《关于全力以赴坚决打...

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